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Posted by Mr. Parker & Mr. Bailey on 23rd Mar 2022

Practical Advice From Parker & Bailey-How To Throw A Dynamic Wine Tasting Party

Hosting a wine tasting party is an excellent way to gather your friends for a fun, classy, and informative event. If you are tired of the same old beer and nachos, then a wine tasting is the perfect way to mix it up. All it takes is some basic supplies, a small amount of wine knowledge, and the enthusiasm to try something new and exciting. By following the steps below your wine tasting party is sure to be a hit.

Step One: Invite the Guests

You do not want to dilute the party by inviting a large amount of people. Keep it to a small and intimate gathering instead. 6-12 guests are the perfect amount. Make it fun by sending out paper invitations. In our high-tech day and age, people love receiving invitations in the mail instead of on their electronic devices. Taking the time to write or print the invitation, purchasing stamps, and mailing them is a nice touch.

On that note, you should attempt to invite friends that have a similar level of wine knowledge. That way everyone is on the same page, and you can avoid a Mr. or Mrs. know-it-all, which certainly isn’t fun for everyone else. If your friends have little or no knowledge about wine, your party is a great way to provide them with some information on the topic. On the other hand, if the crowd is familiar with wine, then your party gives them an opportunity to learn something new.

Step Two: Choose a Variety Of Wines

Your guests should sample a total of five different types of wine, as anything more will actually overwhelm the palette. It is perfectly fine to mix whites and reds: however, you should serve/test the wine selection from lightest to darkest. You will need two bottles of wine for every six guests per wine selection. That will provide you with enough wine to serve people their favorite selections after the tasting has completed. In regards to the five different varieties of wine that you will be serving, it is always a smart idea to ask your local wine shop for advice. You can also incorporate a theme based on wines that are produced in a specific region of the country.

Step Three: Purchase New Wine Glasses

When it comes to a wine tasting party, you simply cannot expect your guests to test the wine in plastic or disposable cups. Provide one glass per guest that they will use for the duration of the wine tasting. The glasses should have stems so people will not warm the wine with their hands. The glasses should also be clear in order for everyone to be able to see the color of the wine. Do not rinse the glasses in between servings. Drops of water will actually dilute the wine. It is always a nice touch to personalize each glass and give them to your guests to bring home as a memento of the event. Try writing their name on the glass in a fancy script using glass markers.

Step Four: Show Your Guests How To Taste the Wine

Chances are your friends are not expert wine tasters and may have never formally done the wine tasting process. Start off by swirling your glass in order to gently release the wine’s aroma. Put your nose deep into the glass and smell the wine. Do not be shy about it. Try to pick out the various aromas. Then take a small sip and hold the wine in your mouth slowly inhaling some air. You should end up making a slurping sound. This part of the process aerates the wine. It will also open up your olfactory sense which enhances the flavors.

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